sharkii304's Journal

Just a normal kid from Vancouver who likes to explore interesting things. I started writing novels when I was 9 and do it periodically ever since. I've finished 3 and am working on a 4th. I prefer action and adventure, sci-fi and fantasy over gushy-teenage-romance-cute-stuff, which is part of the reason why I, er, "dislike" the Twilight books, on a very light note..? Some of my favourite books include the Gatekeepers (Power of Five) series (Anthony Horowitz), Maximum Ride series (James Patterson), CHERUB series (Robert Muchamore), and Dan Brown books (ie. The Lost Symbol, Angels and Demons etc.) I like virtually all musics from Classical to heavy metal but I get most of my inspiration from listening to the Japanese Visual Kei scene. I really don't like rap. It's not music to me... Other pastimes of mine nclude longboard skateboarding, playing guitar/piano, penning songs, watching comedies, and researching about the paranormal.